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How To?

The wisest of the lot know :

You can increase your social repute and business dealings only when you learn to connect with people from all walks of life.

Network To Networth is a series of lectures by Mr.Abhay Chandalia, Designated Partner – White Inc, Chairman – White Collar, Partner – Share Samadhan.

You can increase your network by:

  1. Joining professional organisations
  2. Joining social organisation
  3. Attend events and seminars
  4. Attend industry related conferences
  5. Being in touch with your alumni, professors.


You also need to increase your network outside your peer group. Though you might not be comfortable at the beginning. But this is how you will break your inhibitions. There is also natural way to meet people outside your peer group. For instance, if you share some common interest or hobby, you can connect well, even though the industry or business interests differ.

“Do one Good Work Every Day You Live”

Networking should be a regular part of your life. It is a gradual process. You can break this process into smaller steps. Like you can plan that you will meet one new people every day/week or strengthen existing groups and do favour for any one person in your network. For entrepreneurship, networking becomes the lifeline. You cannot develop your business unless you develop your network. If we talk about job seekers 40-50 % of jobs are filled through references and word of mouth. It is through networking that you will hear about the hidden jobs. Networking is one of the most critical aspect of both managing your career and searching for new work. It is said that “the majority of business opportunities come through connecting with the right people at the right time”.